Requirements to achieve your CPHR

Across the nine Provinces and three territories that recognize the CPHR designation, the requirements to achieving your CPHR are consistent, but the specific processes, timing etc, reflect the needs of each association’s member community.

The CPHR education, examination and experience requirements are designed to provide candidates opportunities to develop and demonstrate the required CPHR competencies.

The requirements to become a Chartered Professional in Human Resources are:

  1. Membership: Meet the requirements for membership in your CPHR Member Association.
  2. Knowledge: Demonstrate theoretical and technical knowledge of the CPHR  competencies by passing the National Knowledge Exam (NKE) or demonstrating equivalencies through post-secondary education.
  3. Education: Demonstrate knowledge and critical thinking by meeting the foundational knowledge coursework requirement and the appropriate level of post-secondary qualification as determined by the pathway being followed.
  4. Experience Requirement: Demonstrate the required time and level of work experience practicing Human Resources through the Validation of Experience assessment. At least three or more years (in the last 10 years) are required depending on the path being taken. Experience does not need to be from Canada and can be achieved in any sector.
  5. Professional Conduct: Attest to the Code of Ethics & Rules of Professional Conduct

The CPHR Designation is overseen by your provincial Member Association. For specific requirements to achieve the CPHR in your province, contact your Member Association.