About CPHR/CRHA Canada

We are CPHR Canada, Chartered Professionals in Human Resources.

CPHR Canada represents 31,000 members in the Human Resources Profession across nine provinces and three territories in Canada. Established in 1994, CPHR Canada is the national voice on the enhancement and promotion of the HR Profession. With an established and credible designation and collaboration on national issues, we are proactively positioning the national human resources agenda in Canada and representing the Canadian HR Profession with HR Associations around the world.

Our purpose:

We help employers and employees realize their potential for success.

Our Vision:

As the national voice of the HR profession, we lead the recognition, advancement and influence of the HR profession nationally and globally, all through a spirit of inter-provincial collaboration.

Our Mission:

We protect the public and advance the economic and social success of our workplaces through strategic HR leadership.


CPHR Canada is overseen by a Board of Directors representing all member associations, which is responsible for CPHR Canada’s vision, mission and strategic objectives. The Board meets three times a year. A national office works in conjunction with individual committees, composed of volunteers from across Canada, to carry out the strategic and operational objectives set by the Board.


CPHR Canada is operated in accordance to its Bylaws. These Bylaws specify the Board’s rules of internal operation, for example, number of members of the Board, length of the terms of membership, all of the officer positions, how meetings are conducted, etc. Read the CPHR Canada Bylaws


The origins of CPHR Canada date back to 1992, when several provincial associations recognized the need to collaborate on national issues and share information. They also saw the need for one organization to represent Canadian HR professionals to the federal government and coordinate a national CPHR™ designation, which had been adopted by several provinces. On September 15, 1994, the official constitution of CCHRA was finalized by representatives from across the country. Two years later, Canada’s National Human Resources Council was formally established.

In 2016, the CCHRA and the member associations agreed to change the national HR designation to CPHR™, and the new entity CPHR Canada was created.