Over the past year, HR professionals have demonstrated their strategic value to business leaders and employers navigating the effects of COVID-19.

Now, as the economy starts to re-open, your HR staff will be instrumental in getting employees back to work. CPHRs are best equipped, through their education, experience and expertise, to help your organization adjust to new ways of doing business.

CPHR members belong to a community of 31,000 HR practitioners and business leaders across the country dedicated to strengthening the human resources profession and upholding the highest standards of practice.

Eight reasons to hire a CPHR:

  1. Plan your return to work with expertise.
    Helping keep people healthy, well and safe shows thoughtful leadership, saves money and reduces organizational risk. A CPHR can do this: it’s been their focus this past year.
  2. Your priorities don’t seem to be gaining traction.
    CPHRs understand business strategy and translate it into action. They support strategic leadership and know how to maximize value to achieve results.
  3. Efficiency gaps are costing you profitability.
    In most companies, salaries and benefits total about 80% of costs. A CPHR can deliver greater returns on your greatest investment by providing HR based financial and operational decision support and performance indicators that matter.
  4. You’re competing to find and keep the best.
    Keeping talented people in a competitive marketplace is critical, but so is having the right number, of the right people, in the right place. Whether you’re growing, stable or right-sizing, a CPHR will ensure you find and keep the best.
  5. Some decisions that are made don’t align with your ideals.
    CPHRs exercise Professional Practice. It’s about everyday ethics, knowledge, preparation, training and culture. CPHRs can help create a framework of evidence-based policies and practices and manage your business risk.
  6. You want to reward people fairly, without breaking the bank.
    Compensation, benefits and pensions work best when it’s fair, consistent and when it aligns to your business outcomes. CPHRs have the expertise to balance total rewards with your desired outcomes.
  7. You need strong, lasting labour relations.
    If you need expertise in negotiations, sound management of collective agreements, to reduce the likelihood of employee-based litigation and risk, and you prefer to stay on the right side of labour legislation, then you want a CPHR on your team.
  8. You’re a leader determined to create more leaders.
    People benefit from mentoring, coaching and continuous learning to keep their competencies relevant and effective and ensure their skills align with your outcomes. If you want to keep people at the top of their game, hire a CPHR.



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