The new modern workplace: resets, rethinks and the great leap forward

National HR

In this article, Anthony Ariganello, president & CEO of CPHR Canada, comments on how COVID-19 has challenged us all but has also accelerated a world of positive change that has been deadlocked in discussion for years.

Over a year ago, the world of work changed overnight, as did our lives.

Together, but apart, we have faced a health crisis unlike any other, one on a global scale that has touched us all on an individual basis. Whether we have lost loved ones, jobs or entire businesses, the past year been both catastrophic and a catalyst for better times to come.

What we have endured and what we should expect moving forward is not so much a reset for the modern workplace as it is a great leap forward. We have seen innovation unleashed on an exponential level, while at the same time realizing the overall effectiveness of a mostly remote workforce.

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