Request for Proposal – CPHR Competency Framework

National HR

In recognition of the growing contribution that human resources professionals are making to companies and organizations, CPHR Canada has set qualifications that HR practitioners must meet in order to earn the chartered professional in human resources designation.

Specialists in the HR field will be expected to demonstrate proficiency in an increasing number of competencies in areas such as strategizing and business acumen in order to effectively carry out their duties.

As a result, CPHR Canada has created a CPHR competency framework. The framework is the result of an extensive professional practice analysis conducted by the national Association in 2019–20.

CPHR Canada is seeking the services from an organization having the knowledge and expertise in being able to drill down and expand/build out the details of the newly approved CPHR Canada framework, and develop the detailed functional areas for each of the 9 HR specific and 12 general competencies (see Appendices 3 and 4).

Specifically, for each competency, the firm is to detail what level of knowledge and skill is required.

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