Artificial Intelligence at Work Webinar Recap

National HR

“You may think your job as an HR professional is less important because of this technology, but, if anything, it’s doubly critical.”

Alex Benay discussed his opinions, predictions and suggestions on the impact of artificial intelligence in the workplace. His webinar was held on December 11, with host Richard Cloutier, senior reporter for Global News Winnipeg and the co-host of 680 CJOB.

“Odds are that 50 years from now, AI will have replaced a lot of jobs,” Benay said. “The problem is also the opportunity.”

Benay is no stranger to the world of AI, being Canada’s former chief information officer and now a partner at KPMG Canada. He works with the public sector to implement technology solutions like AI, data security and digital integrity.

When it comes to implementing AI into business, Benay says it all falls back on values. We have to understand our organization’s values and ethics before we dive into AI. Your data is only as good as your organization and these kinds of tools can bring out the flaws.

Benay also notes that managers should consider the ethical side of things before implementing AI. Are you taking decisions out of the hands of humans and, if so, should you be? Openness and transparency have to be part of the AI conversation.

With the speed that the technological world is accelerating at, Benay says it’s crucial that HR professionals understand how AI affects their profession. It’s upon us to make sure that we at least try to know what’s going on in the world of AI.

“You have to accept that you are an expert at nothing in this day and age. The second you do that, it opens up the collaboration space even more.”

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