Addressing Diversity and Inclusivity in the Workplace Webinar Recap

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Addressing Diversity and Inclusivity in the Workplace Webinar Recap

“We don’t have to pretend as though we are not trying to do something brand new. It’s okay to say that you’re moving into a space you haven’t been in before.”

That’s one of the key takeaways from Kim Katrin around the topic of diversity and inclusion. Her webinar was held on September 26, with host Richard Cloutier, senior reporter for Global News Winnipeg and the co-host of 680 CJOB. Together they discussed a range of topics; pronouns, gender-neutral bathrooms, tips for a healthy and diverse office and languages in the workplace.

“When we make decisions around diversity or inclusivity, it creates more open space that overall benefits people. However, every single person isn’t going to have the same experience,” said Kim.

Kim has travelled around the world speaking to people about justice, equity, inclusion and human rights. During the webinar, Kim shares a twist to the “golden rule”.

The golden rule suggests that we should treat other people the way that we want to be treated. That might seem simple enough, but it assumes that there is a standard for other people’s experiences. Instead, she encouraged webinar viewers to treat people the way they want to be treated, which means we have to ask.

Kim noted that creating a diverse and inclusive workplace takes time. “Allyship, inclusivity and diversity are a process. It’s not a place or an identity.”

Above all, you need to want to create a diverse and inclusive workplace.

“It’s so important to want to do the work. If you aren’t interested in it and you feel like it’s a chore, everyone else is going to feel like it’s a chore,” said Kim. “So, before you start any initiative, be sure that you are ready, and you want to do it.”

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