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VANCOUVER – APRIL 18, 2017 –  According to the 2017 Conference Board of Canada Chief Executive Officer (CEO) survey, the biggest challenges CEOs face this year come from global volatility and unprecedented disruption. Canadian business leaders are coping by focusing on talent, culture, and fiscal discipline.

"Competition is global, international trade is increasingly tenuous, technology and innovation are advancing at a feverish pace and every move is public," says Anthony Ariganello, CPHR, CEO, CPHR Canada. "The world of today's business leaders is more complex than ever before. We want Canadian business leaders to know that a Chartered Professional in Human Resources CPHRTM can help position their organization for success, while allowing them to focus on strategic direction and leadership."

Many Canadian business leaders overlook and underutilize expertise they have readily available that can position them to more succesfully manage change and growth in today's complex business environment. That resource is a Chartered Professional in Human Resources, CPHRTM.

This week, CPHR Canada, launched an information campaign to showcase the unique capabilities that CPHRs bring to the workplace. "We know CEOs are focussed on reducing unecessary exposure through this volatility, but many are simultaneously trying to define their place in innovation economies," adds Ariganello. "CPHRs can help by increasing productivity, and therefore profitability. They can ensure organizations have the right talent mix and develop systems that support controlled innovation, to the degree that suits each situation."

The human resource function in Canada has evolved significantly over the past few years to take on a much stronger business leadership role. Chartered Professionals in Human Resources are uniquely qualified to address CEO's common concerns and strategies: fiscal prudence to counter recession concerns, efforts to engage and upskill employees in a tight labor market, and more personalization and customization to meet customer needs as digital technology transforms the way consumers and businesses interact.

The awareness campaign 'Ask me, I'm a CPHR.' highlights these areas of expertise, through a content based approach. "We have developed resources for CEOs in five key topic areas that are featured through the campaign. It showcases five of CPHRs nine business competency areas - those that are top of mind for CEOs today. The campaign provides information about these strategic areas, but reminds CEOs that the work of CPHRs is not reduceable to tips and lists. The strategic advantage of a CPHR is having them imbedded and empowered within Canadian businesses, where they can affect the long term strategies that help ensure employer and employee success."